To share from one's surplus is great. Greater is the gesture of sharing one's needs.Greatest is to earn to share Karam Radha is greatest.

She is an adivasi tribal(Koya) women from Patrapuram village situated  150 kilometres from the Warangal district headquarters in the  Venkatapuram Mondal of the newly formed Mulugu district of Telangana state.

An  uneducated woman in that remote tribal village could hardly be expected to eke out her own living with difficulty. But for a  kind heart, nothing is impossible. Plight of helpless and abandoned loners wasting away moved her.  So ,she started an orphanage three years back in her little house and has been serving the old people, orphan children  and the differently-abled.

Inspired by her dedication to help the needy, the equally poor people in the village and the areas around have been giving small donations to feed the hapless orphans. She even goes  house to house and begs for alms, other food items and used clothes to feed and shelter the inmates of her orphanage.

Recently Karam Radha posted an appeal seeking donations  in socialmedia which came to the notice of the senior journalist Kuna Mahender.

He took this to the notice of the Warangal NRIs Forum in London  having known that this Forum has been paying back to society through varied philanthropical activities. Moved by her selfless work,  the Forum's President Shridhar Neela, founder Kiran Pasunoori, Vice President Jayant Vaddiraj, Vamshi Muniganti,Ramana Sadineni, General Secretary Bhaskar Pittala, Joiint Secretary Dhiraj Thota,  Madisetti Bhaskar, Bhaskar Neela and many others immediately  wired Rs.25000 to the Grace Home, the name of this orphanage.

Karam Radha acknowledged receipt of this amount and has expressed her gratitude at a gathering in the village attended by many local officials and non officials including the Village Sarpanch Boggula Krishnarjuna Rao, Veterinary Senior Assistant P Nagalakshmi, Postmaster Bejjanki Naraiah and the local village doctor Damineni Rajendra Prasad, Ex-ZPTC Vanka Ramulu. 

She also said that Government had allotted  half an acre land for this orphanage. She said that a permanent building can help her serve many more such orphans and invited  donors willing to spend for humanitarian causes to contact her on the phone number 8499019067.

Speaking to this correspondent Warangal NRI London-UK Forum's President Shridhar Neela said it was a great thing that Karam Radha, a tribal woman in the Agency area, had enrolled the orphans and provided food and shelter for them. Sridhar Neela, wholeheartedly appreciated her service spirit and assured that he would extend  fullest support on behalf of the Warangal NRI Forum London-UK in the future.

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