Warangal NRI Forum London U.K Members Contributed Rs 1,25000 for a noble cause.The forum President ,SRIDHAR NEELA, Founder PASNURI KIRAN,General secretary, BHASKAR PITTALA, Vice presidents, Jayanth Vaddiraju, Ramana Sadineni , Vamshi Muniganti came farward to help the needy disabled (Blind People)students in Lui Adarsha Blind School. The School is situated at  Auotonagar, Kothawada in Warangal town. Warangal NRI Forum London U.K delegates visited the School and gave the amount here on Thursday. The School organisers said that the amount will be spent for the Construction of Aditional Class Room on the First Floor of the School building.
The school organisers, appreciated Warangal NRI Forum London U.K chapter members and also invited for the Inaugural function of school building.

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