Are you gonna shoot us-5-yr-old girl ask  US cop
As thousands of demonstrators protest against police brutality demanding racial justice across the US,
a sweet gesture by a cop towards a little girl is melting hearts online. In a video, an officer in
Houston, Texas is seen kneeling on the ground and comforting the 5-year-old girl by saying, “We’re here
to protect you.” The poignant moment, captured on camera by the child’s father, is now going viral.
Twitter user Simeon Bartee, who attended one of the George Floyd marches in his hometown, said his
daughter got worried seeing many police officers in riot gear and started to cry. Taking to Twitter, he
said one of the police officers noticed the girl crying and approached them. When she asked him “Are
you gonna shoot us?”, the officer got down on one knee wrapped his arm around her and responded: “We’re
not here to hurt you at all.”
Comforting the kid, the officer can be heard saying, “You can protest, you can party — you can do
whatever you want. Just don’t break nothing.”
Talking to ABC News, the father of the kid said he wants to thank the officer for “giving him a
different perspective”, not just for him but also for his daughter’s perception of how they view
police. The man said the Floyd incident has hit him home because as his own brother faced police
brutality in 2016.
“We have dealt with a lot of pain from that and it’s kind of gone full circle for me now,” he said. “I
just want to tell the officer thank you for giving me a different perspective on what police officers,
the good police officers, are like,” he added.
Bartee’s brother was left with a broken nose and an eye socket damaged so badly that surgeons had to
put a metal plate in his face. Doctors also said Bartee sustained a facial nerve damage. The incident
happened allegedly when he was attacked by a group of five officers during a trip to the medical
section of the Harris County Jail.
As the video went viral, many came forward to appreciate the officer’s gesture but also debated if

little children should be taken to protests as many in the recent week turned violent.

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