1. Pitch Controversy:

    • Critics express disappointment in the quality of the ICC World Cup final pitch.
    • Allegations of parental influence in BCCI affecting pitch standards and creating vulnerability in young talents.
  2. Captain vs. Captain:

    • Rohit Sharma's impressive batting, but questions arise about his maturity and decision-making in the crucial final.
    • Pat Cummins' leadership skills praised for strategic field placements, bowling changes, and overall planning.
  3. The First World Cup:

    • Gill and Iyer face criticism for shot selection and succumbing to pressure in the high-stakes final.
    • Travis Head's outstanding comeback from injury, scoring a century, while Marnus plays a crucial supporting role.
  4. Planning and Execution:

    • Australian team's agile meetings and testing analysis contrasted with India's slightly outdated waterfall method.
    • Aussies' adaptability showcased through pacers adjusting lines effectively, turning Ahmedabad into a Sydney-like condition.

I will come straight to the point my people  we all believe in some  amnesty to an extent but , honesty is the best policy isn't it . So, iam unsure of the pitch for the semifinal but, this pitch used for the final is below standards. This is ICC world cup final for godsake a decent gardener would have done a better job . So this exerted influence by the parents in BCCI to protect their chidren from vulnerability actually is inturn making them autoimmune . There is a very famous saying in my mother tongue telugu - " Cherapaku ra Chedevu"  simple meaning is if you try to spoil someone- YOU ONLY WILL GET SPOILED. Unfortunately some authoritative decisions taken by the parents by exerting power to influence the compettetion will only bring discredit to kids who otherwise are supremely talented like my brothers in blue .

Strategy - Captain vs Captain 

Sharma we all know and we're in awe of his batting where he was dismissing the bowlers with disdain . However Hitman should have showed the maturity of a big man to bat atleast half of 50 as it was the big final . IND already had many runs of that Maxwell over , and you are invaluable to your side and see what you have done . On the other side Pat Cummins with the experience of leading the side in 4 odis was spot on with field placements , bowling changes and planning was immaculate . He  brought on himself at the right times gave his 200% on a hot afternoon to stop the traffic at will .

The First World Cup 

It is a great privilege to play for your team in a world cup final. Gill's shot selection is a phrase without meaning so out of context . Iyer could not soak but succumbed to the pressure ,how he passed quarterly and half yearly but failed the all important annual.  

Look at Travis Head my lord out with an injury comes back with a century and ends with a century . The screenplay and script in Head executed by Travis only his head can explain . And on the other hand he had a perfect partner in Marnus doing the patient carpet restoration duties .

Planning and Execution -

The Agile meetings of Aussies and their testing analysis was sublime where India followed the waterfall method standard but slightly outdated .

The adjustment of lines from Aussie pacers was a perfect example of adaptability and the way they used the conditions they made Ahmedabad look sydney . The peaking of aussiz at the right time can be defined in the way they fielded .

Special Mentions - 

Both captains had stand out tournaments when Rohit batted people parked their bikes on the side roads and entered cafe's lead from the front and provided impetus . Pat Cummins is a silent assasin he just killed the tournament with his smile and statement . Virat kohli is not a legend no he is not a king he certainly is an emperor . It was jaw dropping to watch Shami felt like he could get a community of batsmen out with best immunity.  Contributions from David warner and Marsh not to be forgotten and the Mayhem of Maxwell against the Afghans is the most delicious kebab of this tournament .  Apart from  the final Gill , Iyer and KL did perform their duties perfectly . The comeback of Australia from 2 defeats to winning the title makes for a great movie but , the scenes of Indian bowlers in this tournament was theatre .

Conclusion - 

The saddest part of Sharma not able to be a part of winning 50 over world cup team is a DHARMA iam unable to fathom . However if cricket is a sport Australia is an achievement , World Champions - Australia is a titanic kind of love affair .

Mahesh Chaitanya

He is an accredited writer for Cricket Australia

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