Exposure by Independent Media Champions: Independent media figures and activists, such as Teenmaar Mallanna, Raghu, Bakka Jadson, Vittal, Mahipal, Sudarshan, Pasham Yadagiri, and others, played a crucial role in exposing the alleged sins, corrupt practices, criminal deeds, and manipulative tactics of KCR and his family and associates.

Whimsical and Arbitrary Governance: The article criticizes the BRS government for its perceived arbitrary and erratic tyranny, accusing the ruling family of indulging in corrupt practices and deceptive tactics after initially evoking sentiments with slogans like "our pride, our government, our water & our opportunities."

Revanth Reddy's Opposition Influence: The impact of opposition figures like Revanth Reddy, with his thundering and resounding roars, is cited as a significant factor in awakening the public and challenging the ruling family, knocking society out of a perceived slumber induced by the ruling party.

Mistakes by KCR & Family: The article lists several mistakes made by KCR and his family, including the failure to remove notorious MLA candidates, a lack of accessibility to the public, unappealing public appearances, dismissal of grievances related to land ownership, and a failure to address the looting spree of political and financial accomplices.

Scandals and Notoriety: The notoriety of Kavita's murky liquor affair and the perceived mismanagement of projects like Kaleswaram and Mission Bhagiratha have allegedly escalated the family's notoriety, leading to a reevaluation of their long-condoned actions and creating a demand for a change in the ruling group.

These highlighted points reflect the article's key arguments regarding the reasons behind the perceived fall of BRS.

Huge thanks to the independent mini media champions like Teenmaar Mallanna , Raghu , Bakka Jadson , Vittal , Mahipal , Sudarshan , Pasham Yadagiri , OU students and several other brave-hearts of our dear Telangana who have ripped open continually the colossal list of sins, corrupt practices, criminal deeds ,  mean manipulative dirty tactics of  Kcr and  family & associates  .... 

             We have all seen the whimsical , arbitrary and  the erratic tyranny of this  diabolic family,   dirty lot of sinners who put the innocent people of our very dear Telangana to the initial lull of feelings by evoking the mesmerizing and captivating slogans of  " our pride , our government , our water & our opportunities " ..  only to self-serve and amass colossal wealth through their awfully rampant corrupt practices and means that are not legit.  While on the other side they have induced varied classes of people with their choicest alms. These alluring myopic offerings have blinded & dozed off the civic society,  thus averting their attention away from the looting acts & piles of sins of that crafty family , while the few others who had privy to their tons of sins were being fed well from amongst the booty . 

                The blow of siren of the first said trumpeteers , followed by the thundering & resounding roars of Revanth reddy have served to knock the society out of the deep slumber of the toxic and venomous feelings spread by the well-phrased articulation of those rotten and ransacking rats and thus helped us to kick on the backs of those shameless , immoral & sinful gang that has ripped our very dear Telangana of it's cultural and intellectual legacy, besides looting the invaluable public wealth preserved and accumulated over centuries .  

               Adding to our misfortune , Kcr & family have also made some mistakes in their pursuit of amassing wealth & power . Thouhh the list is endless, it is restricted to the following.

1. They have not dared to throw out some of the glaringly & immensely notorious reigning MLA candidates of his party

2. They have never cared to portray themselves as an easily accessible lot to the public .

3. Father son duo have never adorned smiles and at least seemingly frienly looks on their contorted and crooked faces . The face of the younger scion was a lot more repulsive than the older swindler.

4. They  have utterly disregarded the grievances & complaints of the aggrieved land-owners perpetrated by ' dharani '  by dismissing them all grossly .

5. They shied away from checking on the giant list of the looting spree of several of their political and financial accomplices, which was quite too brazen and glaringly conspicuous in public view . No visible effort was made to snub them or to camouflage under wraps .

6. Their vulgar display of the ill-gotten spectacular opulence by acquiring private jet-plane and palatial homes , expansive houses spread over large land holdings.  This enraged the commoners who are already maddened by the luminary positions adorned by the entire family of kcr . The real-life recent lineage  of their impoverished , penniless & landless ancestry has also gained popular currency in daily debates. This invalidated and proved their claims of noble descendancy as counterfeit .

7. Their notoriety escalated to newer heights with Kavita's murky liquor affair. It whipped-up the Telangana commoners from the deep slumber and forced a revisit of the long condoned & forgiven 'phenomenal plundering'  by their family in the projects of Kaleswaram , Mission  Bhagiratha & the likes . 

Two terms in power has created a sort of vexation and endangered the mood for a change in ruling group. 

 The vanity of change of name of their party to BRS looked too unjustly ambitious.

The blatant sale of public properties and the colossal amounts of lakhs of crores of rupees as loans , the huge pending payables.  All these are necessitated by their pillage of the economy by the family of those looters


           Finally, Telangana that was rich and glorious for centuries is impoverished today in the regime of this settler Kalvakuntla family. The fine aromatic fragrance of native dialect of our homes is sadly metamorphosised and degraded into an aggressive and degraded vernacular today .

              I don't have great hopes on the incumbent though .. merely view that as a change of power from one mafia to another mafia of lesser order.  But the difference is that congress is literally a congress of several lords not like Kcr's hubristic   "I am the King and I am the Minister"

Ramesh Kumar


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