Strategic Partnership for Technological Advancement: KITS Warangal's collaboration with Kaptius India Pvt Ltd focuses on introducing cutting-edge technology through ServiceNow, aiming to equip students with valuable skills for the cloud-based services industry. This initiative is expected to significantly enhance students' employability and prepare them for high-demand roles in multinational companies.

Comprehensive Support for Student Development: The MoU includes provisions for startup support, pre-placement training, advisory services, and more. Kaptius India Pvt Ltd's involvement is set to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and capability building among KITS Warangal students, paving the way for high-package employability and career growth.

Warangal, June 2024: Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science (KITS), Warangal, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kaptius India Private Limited, a Hyderabad-based multinational company. The signing ceremony took place at the Silver Jubilee Seminar Hall on the KITS Warangal campus.

Prof. K. Ashoka Reddy, Principal of KITS Warangal, announced the collaboration, emphasizing its focus on enhancing students' technological skills and employability. The MoU aims to introduce new technology centered around ServiceNow, a cloud-based service provider offering management, software, and technological services to multinational corporations.

Kaptius India's Head of Service Delivery, Havish Kolachina, highlighted the benefits of ServiceNow, including customized solutions for startup support, pre-placement training, advisory services, go-to-market strategies, social and digital marketing, and investment and fundraising. "Our motto is to build what we make, and workflow through a team of Kaptive leaders," Kolachina said, stressing the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship, and high employability among students.

Capt. V. Lakshmikantha Rao, Chairman of KITS Warangal and a former Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, praised this achievement and encouraged final-year B.Tech. students to prepare for emerging technologies. P. Narayana Reddy, Treasurer of KITS Warangal, underscored the importance of developing advanced technological skills to secure competitive placements.

During the ceremony, Prof. K. Ashoka Reddy and Havish Kolachina exchanged the MoU, signifying a commitment to train and hire students from KITS Warangal. Reddy noted that this initiative would significantly boost students' employability by providing them with valuable technological skills. A spokesperson from Kaptius mentioned that the technology, currently valued at $7 billion, is expected to grow to $30 billion soon, further emphasizing the potential benefits of this collaboration.

The ceremony was attended by notable members of both KITS Warangal and Kaptius, including Sharath Kumar Allam, Senior Lead Consultant, Uday Kotha, Senior Project Manager, P. Narayana Reddy, Registrar Prof. M. Komal Reddy, Dean of Training and Placements Prof. Y. Purandar, and others.

Former Rajya Sabha MP and KITS Warangal Chairman Capt. V. Lakshmikantha Rao, along with KITS Warangal Treasurer P. Narayana Reddy and Husnabad constituency's former MLA and KITS Warangal Additional Secretary Vodithala Sateesh Kumar, congratulated the principal, faculty, and staff for securing the MoU with Kaptius.

Prof. K. Ashoka Reddy expressed his gratitude to Kaptius CEO Bradley, Co-Founder and CEO Poorna Kola, and Havish Kolachina for their initiative in establishing this partnership. He announced plans to conduct training programs on advanced innovative technologies, organize guest lectures, and design student projects to benefit budding engineers.

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